Bitcoin Meetup | Lazy Jack’s

Yesterday’s meetup went from good to great. A few of us got together at Lazy Jack’s and had drinks and a light lunch on the decks. One of the attendees set up his first bitcoin wallet. I sent him a dollar so he could see how it works. One person who was new to bitcoin this month noticed when he opened his wallet that the value of his bitcoin had increased by 15%. He was pleasantly surprised. They were relatively new and asked a lot of great questions:

“What gives it value?” “What makes you feel secure using it?” “Can’t the government or some bad guy shut the whole system down?” “How do you turn it back into dollars?” “Where can I spend bitcoin?” “Why not just invest in gold or silver?”

Halfway through the meetup, I got a phone call — it was my friend Jim Babb from Philadelphia! He’s into bitcoin, and I even bought 3D printed magnets from his daughters for bitcoin years ago! I told him to come down to the meetup! Afterwards, some of us went over to Free State Bitcoin Shoppe and used bitcoin to buy a singularity t-shirt, an ethereum book, a Somalia postcard, and laser-cut wooden souvenirs.

Next meetup is 3-4p Sunday Aug 20 at Martingale Wharf. See you there!

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