Bitcoin Meetup | The Rosa

The bitcoin meetup at the Rosa last night was amazing. 10 people got together at the restaurant for dinner and drinks. We set up bitcoin wallets, talked about trading cryptocurrencies, strategies for using bots on exchanges, where to get bitcoins, and how to get them securely off 3rd party crypto banks like Coinbase. People ranged in age from about 25-60.

About half the people attending were joining up for the first time. The food was excellent and plentiful, and the service was stellar and friendly. The server handled a growing table with a smile, and the manager came over several times to make sure everyone was happy. We stayed talking so long, we nearly overstayed our welcome because nobody wanted it to end! I got up to leave and made sure I set up the manager with a bitcoin and dash wallet. We talked about how cool it would be if State St in Portsmouth became the “Bit-Strip” where shoppers could walk downtown and spend bitcoin at every stop.

The next meetup is at Pink Bamboo at 8pm on Wednesday, September 13. I’d like to encourage all attendees to come hungry and order a lot of food and drinks. The idea is to show the restaurants whose venues we utilize that there are lots of prospective customers in the area who want to spend bitcoin at their business. Let’s use this meetup not only to enrich ourselves and increase our knowledge of cryptocurrencies, but also to demonstrate we are people worth emulating. We use bitcoin, and they can too! Bring crypto, or bring cash. They will be more interested in listening to us if we are giving them money!

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just found out about these gatherings and the downtown shop. We’ve met before at the nodejs meetup group – you might remember me from my “ETH” license plate 🙂

    I want to know how to get more involved in what you are doing. I will certainly be coming to the next meetup.


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