Bitcoin Meetup | Cava

Cava was the best meetup yet by far. 14 people showed up to talk bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 3 people set up their first wallets. The food and service was 5-star, top-notch friendliness and attentiveness. Afterwards, some of us went to hang out at the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe and listen to music and talk some more.

One of the owners, John, called me earlier in the week because he saw our advertisement posted on a telephone pole and wanted to make sure he could accommodate our group. We reserved seats for 9, and were surprised by some additional folks who forgot to RSVP, but John was able to pull up another table and chairs for our extra guests. Our server, Bridget, who is also an owner, amazed me with her ability to handle such a large group.

This could be a server’s worst nightmare: an indeterminately large (and growing) group of people, sitting down an hour before the kitchen closes, some guests not buying food, folks changing seats, and then asking for separate checks. She handled it all with a smile and made every guest feel comfortable.

I had the medjool dates stuffed with manchego and serrano ham, the pork tenderloin with mojo picon and salt wrinkled potatoes, and the beef short rib with chanterelle mushrooms, barley, and porcini truffle broth. For a beverage, I had an espresso martini. Yes, everything was as good as it sounds.

I’ve been wanting to come to this spot for a while, and the timing was never right for some reason. Now I’ll be making sure to come back often because everything on their menu looked so good and they treated us so well! Of course, a lot of people were asking if they could pay in bitcoin. Cava does not yet take it, but I’ll bet they will when they hear from enough customers. So go visit them, enjoy their incredible food and drinks, and tell them you’d like to pay in bitcoin. Otherwise, they won’t know!

Many of the people who showed up for the bitcoin meetup had been to Cava many times before, but since they’ve never mentioned bitcoin to John or Bridget, the owners don’t know that people even want to spend bitcoin there. Remember, no one is going to do it for you. You have to ask yourself.

I left a 5-star review on Facebook and Yelp after this meetup. I can’t emphasize enough how amazed I was at the greatness of this place. Clean, beautiful, elegant, delicious, friendly, easy. Thank you John and Bridget!

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