Bitcoin Meetup | Fresh Press

Again the Portsmouth cryptonauts found ourselves at the Fresh Press, lunching on healthy salads, wraps, smoothies, and juices. It’s an intimate venue, so we scattered ourselves around the back area so as not to take up too much space, but we ended up using 4 tables! Our group spanned 8 people this time, one coming as far as Portland.

Our presence must have had an impact, too, because immediately after, the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe received a message from Fresh Press Owner Aaron Smith asking to set his restaurant up to take bitcoin. Of course, this is a free service that we at the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe are happy to offer — indeed, setting up new businesses to take bitcoin is our favorite thing to do!

Topics for this meetup included: the Ethereum byzantium hard fork, Bitcoin Gold Hard Fork, hard forks vs soft forks, how to store crypto on a hardware device, using a hardware wallet in conjunction with an Android device, setting up businesses to take bitcoin, point-of-sales that incorporate bitcoin and other crypto, portable bitcoin vending machines, shapeshift, best wallets, running your own bitcoin node, and trading platforms. A meetup full of great info, lots of conversations, and delicious food!

Many thanks to the always-awesome Fresh Press for hosting this week’s meetup. Next one is at Domo sushi restaurant on State St — Monday, October 23 at 7pm. See you there!

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