Drag Show Sponsored by Bitcoin Cash, Really

Yep, you read that right. A drag show in Portsmouth, New Hampshire (aka “Bitcoin Village“) put on a performance that was paid for in part by a donation in Bitcoin Cash. This isn’t the first cross-dressing performance sponsored with the popular digital currency — that title belongs to the Mad Men of Oopsy Daisy of the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. But this DOES mark the first bitcoin performance at its competitor, 3S Artspace. The generous donation to the event inspired the 3S Artspace directors to accept the popular digital currencies for all performance tickets! You can now pay for your next show with Bitcoin Cash, Dash, or Bitcoin Core. (“Bunny and the Fox” will be presenting 3 more drag shows over the next 3 months, the first of which is on 4-20. Do the math.)

Like the other two-dozen places in Bitcoin Village that take cryptocurrency, 3S Artspace uses Anypay — Portsmouth’s own free point-of-sale app that works on every tablet, desktop, or mobile device. It allows any merchant to accept multiple cryptocurrencies from the same easy-to-use terminal, without any extra hardware. Here’s Steven Zeiler giving a demo on a standard iPad and Square stand:


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