Boston Bitcoin Cash Meetup Crashes the Portsmouth Dash Party

Of course. Where else would Bostonians who love bitcoin meet up? There are only 15 retail shops and restaurants that accept the digital currency as payment. Welcome to the Free State. Bring your cryptocurrency, and keep your Federal Reserve Notes in the fireplace where they belong.

The event was organized by the Bitcoin Cash Meetup group of Boston. They usually meet in Boston, but after a recent visit to Portsmouth (aka “Bitcoin Village”) by one of their organizers, the group decided to take the trip north an hour to visit Liar’s Bench, a popular brewery that accepts Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Bitcoin Core.

The thing is — they didn’t take bitcoin cash until the meetup was scheduled. Only once customers arranged an outing to spend BCH did the business owner feel any impetus to accept *another* cryptocurrency. They already take Dash and Bitcoin Core — what’s this new bitcoin?? Well, by the end of the evening, Liar’s Bench accepted Bitcoin Cash.

It was great. Most people used the wallet. At the end of the night, there was a line of 5 people paying their tab with their smartphones. It was a sight to behold. Fortunately, I grabbed some video so you can see for yourself here.

Oh and of course they use Anypay.

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