Delivering a Crypto Experience That Inspires Merchants

Taking Crypto with Anypay

You have asked dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of merchants if they will take Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum. And in return, you got the dreaded blank stare that says, “How the hell am I supposed to do that? And why would I?”

These are two of the most common objections that stifle the spread of cryptocurrency adoption. Fortunately, you have Anypay.

Watch how easily Steven is able to buy flowers for bitcoin from a merchant who never used crypto before.

Without any instruction, in seconds the owner figures out all on her own how to set up the point of sale and take payment. She instantly knew without any confusion that the sale was final. The bright green screen appeared, the coins jingling sound played, and a white checkmark indicated to her she had received her money. “Awesome, look at that!” she said with a smile.

Later she will discover she has a way to check all her past invoices, see if they were paid or unpaid, view the sale price in dollars vs the current value of the crypto she collected, and more. Anypay is a free tool built for merchants, and it is the most powerful resource for crypto adoption today.

Do you have a merchant in mind who you would like to accept Bitcoin or Dash or some other cryptocurreny? Anypay works on any platform and requires no special ID. Make an account on your phone right now and show how simple it is to use next time you are at your favorite business.

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