Ross Ulbricht Joins Twitter

Ross Ulbricht,  founder of the Silk Road, has joined Twitter @RealRossU. He is currently serving a double life sentence in prison for creating a website. Make sure to give him a follow to give him a voice. The tweets are notes he is currently writing from prison. He is now approaching 5 years in prison… Continue reading Ross Ulbricht Joins Twitter

Erik Voorhees and Peter Schiff Debate

ReasonTV just uploaded the July 2nd debate between well-known investor and economic commentator Peter Schiff and Erik Voorhees, the CEO of Shapeshift. The debate question was if Bitcoin or a similar cryptocurrency would replace government issued fiat currency. The link is provided below it’s definitely worth a listen. Peter Schiff has done great work in… Continue reading Erik Voorhees and Peter Schiff Debate

Tulip Mania in Portsmouth

Help us create a Tulip Bubble in modern times. Have you heard people compare the price of Bitcoin to tulips during Tulip Mania? Get your own tulip to poke fun at silly ideas like that.  

Open Source Bitcoiner Struggle

We had an interesting interaction with a human today. This video is us sharing the experience of a customer in the store wanting to use updated software on an outdated device. Take a peak!

Bitcoin: The Digital Cash

  Tourist: What is Bitcoin? Me: Plain and simple, it is Digital Cash! We don’t want to confuse our new crypto friends with too much information when they are first learning. Make them feel like they already know what we are talking about (in fact they already do, it’s not hard to comprehend if introduced… Continue reading Bitcoin: The Digital Cash

Crypto Ready

Here at the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe nothing stays in place for long. We are constantly mixing things up and getting new merchandise all the time! After selling most of our items at the Porcupine Freedom Festival we are now re-stocked and ready for action.

Lecture on Dash Scalability

Dr. Darren Tapp and Nakul Chawla, two Dash developers, present the results of their latest tests on the viability of different scaling methods for cryptocurrency. They shared this valuable information with the public at the Blockchain Institute of Technology. Here is a link to the paper they produced, and here is their official publication on… Continue reading Lecture on Dash Scalability