Portsmouth Smoke and Vape | Bitcoin Preferred

The crypto-economy grew a little bit larger today when the popular downtown shop Portsmouth Smoke and Vape started accepting Ethereum, Dash, ZCash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin. Customers can now buy all the glass, incense, vaporizers, cleaning kits, tobacco products, e-cigarettes, and accessories they could possibly want — all using digital cash. They sell online too, so… Continue reading Portsmouth Smoke and Vape | Bitcoin Preferred

Grand Opening & Free Talk Live Broadcast from Shoppe

Wow, what an incredible day. It began at noon, when a man who had walked in weeks prior to buy his first bitcoin, returned to spend some on a 3D-printer kit to build with his son. Then, nationally-syndicated radio hosts Ian Freeman, Mark Edge, and Darryl W. Perry arrived and set up microphones to record… Continue reading Grand Opening & Free Talk Live Broadcast from Shoppe

Bitcoin Meetup | The Rosa

The bitcoin meetup at the Rosa last night was amazing. 10 people got together at the restaurant for dinner and drinks. We set up bitcoin wallets, talked about trading cryptocurrencies, strategies for using bots on exchanges, where to get bitcoins, and how to get them securely off 3rd party crypto banks like Coinbase. People ranged… Continue reading Bitcoin Meetup | The Rosa

Cool Customers Sep 1, 2017

One guy came in excited about a new token sale happening to allow people to accept payment in a coin in return for offering wifi. Discovered a cool site to buy stuff with crypto. Will be sourcing some inventory from here. Old couple came in and bought Dash from the machine. Guy came in asking… Continue reading Cool Customers Sep 1, 2017

Cool Customers Aug 30, 2017

Some cool customers came in today and recommended we check out this cool stuff. Maybe you’ll like it too. One young woman recommended some documentaries. Another guy came in and told me about his crypto fund.

Bitcoin Meetup | Durbar Square

Several new people attended this meetup — including a local business owner looking to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at his stores and a teenager who receives bitcoin for his allowance! The food at this Himalayan restaurant was SPICY and they accommodated our large group with a smile. We were disappointed that they didn’t take… Continue reading Bitcoin Meetup | Durbar Square

Bitcoin Meetup | Martingale Wharf

This meetup was incredible! A few guests came from out of the country to attend: one from Maine and two from Rhode Island. We talked about what to do with Bitcoin Cash (ahem, “Bitcoin Trash”), what wallets people are using to claim it, what exchanges to use to turn it into something useful (ahem, Dash,… Continue reading Bitcoin Meetup | Martingale Wharf