Free State Blockchain Digital Assets Conference 2018 Recap

Kyle Clark, who attended the conference in Portsmouth, wrote a recap of things that stood out from this small-size but large-impact event. Read his article here.

What’s the exchange rate for BipCoin to Zimbabwe dollars?

Yeah, that just happened. Incredible. I can not believe it. A man who mined THE BipCoin walked into the Bitcoin Shoppe and asked if he could use them to buy merchandise. Where else on Earth (or Alpha Centauri) would the answer be YES? We were prepared to accept his BipCoin at a rate of 0.01… Continue reading What’s the exchange rate for BipCoin to Zimbabwe dollars?

Crypto City reddit page

New reddit page is a place to learn and discuss all that is happening in the most crypto friendly city Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Join the page and help build the community to keep Portsmouth in the forefront of crypto innovation. Crypto City reddit page

Send Cryptocurrency with no Internet Access

Cointext allows you to send Bitcoin Cash with just a phone capable of text messaging. If you don’t have internet connection or a smartphone this allows any phone to text and become a part of the BCH network. Click the link below to check out Cointext’s website and learn more on how to use it.… Continue reading Send Cryptocurrency with no Internet Access

City of Liverpool to use Blockchain to become carbon neutral

The city of Liverpool is now using blockchain to create carbon credits to help reduce carbon emissions and even make the city carbon positive. The link is provided below check out it.

Ross Ulbricht Joins Twitter

Ross Ulbricht,  founder of the Silk Road, has joined Twitter @RealRossU. He is currently serving a double life sentence in prison for creating a website. Make sure to give him a follow to give him a voice. The tweets are notes he is currently writing from prison. He is now approaching 5 years in prison… Continue reading Ross Ulbricht Joins Twitter

Erik Voorhees and Peter Schiff Debate

ReasonTV just uploaded the July 2nd debate between well-known investor and economic commentator Peter Schiff and Erik Voorhees, the CEO of Shapeshift. The debate question was if Bitcoin or a similar cryptocurrency would replace government issued fiat currency. The link is provided below it’s definitely worth a listen. Peter Schiff has done great work in… Continue reading Erik Voorhees and Peter Schiff Debate