Free State Bitcoin Shoppe Featured on Free Talk Live

Unique Bitcoin & Freedom Gifts

Derrick called into the popular nationally-syndicated radio show Free Talk Live this week to share an amazing story about a local Portsmouth man and his wife. They walked into the Free State Bitcoin Shoppe looking for some New Hampshire-themed gifts for their friends, and upon learning that our store takes a variety of crytpocurrencies, the man (who appeared to be in his 60s), pulled out his smart phone and displayed several different wallets. He opted to pay for a bitcoin t-shirt and some locally-made coasters in Litecoin because of the instant transaction time and negligible fees. He was very happy to be able to spend his crypto at a local shop, and I was blown away that he not only had crypto on his phone, but had a variety! Who says bitcoin is only for younger people? Listen to the whole story here:

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