Another Victory for STREETZA – Leaders in Cryptocurrency Cuisine!


This week’s bitcoin meetup was awesome. Street’za is perfect for the occasion. 8 Seacoasters gathered to talk bitcoin, litecoin, cardano, and decentraland! 3 people who showed up for their first time came to get info about cryptocurrencies. They each installed an app called Dash Wallet onto their phones and left with cryptocurrency in their back pockets.

The staff was especially accommodating and kindly separated all of our checks (I know what a hassle that can be). The best part is: this allowed everyone to pay their bill with dash.

I learned about the latest with Decentraland: people can now claim their stake of land by converting the coin, called “Manna” into land on the platform’s 3-dimensional universe. Decentraland is the first and only ICO in which I tried to participate. Sitting curled tightly over my laptop, finger hovering over the trackpad ready to tap with fury the second the ICO went live, and — What’s this? — It’s over?

I didn’t make the land-grab in time. In 39 seconds, a group of people raised 86,260 ETH (approximately 25 million USD). And I had missed it. I tried, but I didn’t get to be part of the launch. The story is more complicated and worth looking into, but I just shrugged and moved on.

The guy who told me about it at one of these meetups months ago successfully got his manna and told me he had “converted it to land”! He said he claimed somewhere out in the boonies, but I think owning any land on a blockchain-based virtual reality platform is such an impressive expression of human imagination and engineering to own property anywhere on this digital new “Second Life”. The next meetup is at Dos Amigos in Portsmouth, Thursday, Jan 18. Please RSVP here so that we can save a seat for you! It’s an important part of these meetups to be good  cryptocurrency ambassadors, so we always pay with cash or cryptocurrency. No cards. And bring a tip for the establishment for letting us crowd their space for a little while.



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