Dash Core Contributor Darren Tapp Endorses Anypay Proposal on NeoCash Radio

Darren Tapp is a core developer of Dash, one of the major viable cryptocurrencies vying for the number one spot to replace the dollar and become digital cash used the world over. He has made several significant contributions to the codebase, and he hosts a regular podcast called NeoCash Radio where he discusses important events in the world of cryptocurrency. Recently on the show, he endorsed a particular Dash proposal — something he’s never done before.

Dash proposals can be written and submitted by anyone. It costs 5 Dash to submit the proposal, and you can request any amount of money in return for the goal you propose. The proposal is evaluated by the Dash Master Node network, and each Master Node gets a vote for or against (or abstain). Anypay made a proposal last month to expand its efforts to bring the best merchant point-of-sale app to the world — one that allows businesses to accept digital cash. You can already use Anypay today by going to Anypay.Global. It’s free and respects your privacy.

You can read the proposal here: https://dashcentral.org/p/anypay

Watch Darren’s landmark endorsement:

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