Gold-Backed Tokens: Overheard in the Bitcoin Shoppe

A regular at the Shoppe mentioned something cool today. It’s an Ethereum token redeemable for physical precious metals. How? Well, the company hasn’t explained that yet. According to their website, they are first seeking permission from various “authorities” where they plan to serve customers.

Their website says Coming Soon, but the last update was from 3 months ago. Here’s a more recent Medium article about the token. The price is currently $0.14

Another guy came in today who just moved to Nashua and is hardcore into mining. He told me about TurtleCoin. It’s a hard-fork of Monero and he seems to think it’s worth mining because it’s so easy and you can exchange it for BTC. I set him up with a Dash wallet so he could spend it around Bitcoin Village, and he was really happy to buy a Monero shirt. He used Verge to buy it! That’s the one coin that PornHub accepts for payment. Pretty interesting.

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